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The Most Popular Day Tours

Some of the most popular day tours include the Luxor area, the Cairo area which includes many “themed” excursions such as the Giza plateau, or the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities with a stop at the famous Khan el-Khalili Bazaar, and Abu Simbel which is often the stopping point for many historic-themed Nile cruises.

The Luxor area is incredibly popular and well traveled. Visitors will benefit from a tour guide’s assistance with taking in the entire sight, and getting across the river to head over to The Valley of the Kings. Additionally, a pre-arranged day tour of the area could allow a visit into one of the tombs open to tourists, especially if plans are made through a local tour provider. (Many visitors are disappointed to find that the tomb of King Tutankhamun is not always open to the public, and usually limits visitors to no more than four hundred a day and this is only because its popularity and large number of visitors were causing the tomb to deteriorate rapidly).

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Why should someone rely upon a tour guide for a full day? Generally, most foreign visitors to Egypt will find it remarkably reassuring to have a knowledgeable and multilingual guide to help them reach their destination, explore it and experience some interesting areas or activities that they may not have known about.

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Egypt is an ancient place, which attracts the modern visitor. With a breathtaking landscape and so many glories you can understand why Egypt?

The latest travel Information on Egypt, includes ideas on Things to See and Do, Local Events, Embassy Contacts and much more, all from a first-time visitors point of view.

Overview of EgyptFor centuries Egypt has attracted visitors and for good reason. The world-renowned treasures of this fabled country, from iconic pyramids to medieval bazaars, almost defy description.

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